The Worst Thing To Happen To The Internet

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Basic Information

Names/Aliases: Renea "Ren" Blackheart, Chrono Logicless (If you know my irl name please do not refer to me by it in public spaces)

Pronouns: They/He/It (If you want to refer to me as something else just ask. No she/her though, that's all I ask)


Drawing, music composition, web design (not very good at it) and writing are my most productive hobbies.
I also love birds (especially owls, corvids, parrots and pigeons) and physical media such as cartridges, CDs, DVDs and VHS tapes.
On top of that I like looking at things from the internet between the 90s and mid 2010s due to actual nostalgia from my childhood and secondhand nostalgia from my parents.


Youtube (mostly shitposts and speedpaints)
Tumblr (I reblog a lot)
Deviantart (No longer active here, serves as an archive of old art)
BitView (because youtube sucks right now)


That is all for now, thank you! :]