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Hello! Here I will have screenshots and info on all of my chao in SA2 (Steam release)

I used to have sa2 for ps3, but after some issues with the hard drive it deleted itself and since the store shut down I can't get it back :[

Thankfully though I do have it for steam, and have since gotten Chao World Extended to mess around with. I also used to use FCE until I got CWE.

This page is very out of date - it will be redone soon!

This is Aradia, she is a twotone unused colored chao that I modified with FCE in order to get. I didn't change her stats, only her color. Despite looking transparent she is NOT a shiny jewel chao!! I named her Aradia because she's red, ghostlike and I like to give her ram horns sometimes, like Aradia Megido from homestuck.

Burn is a newly evolved Dark/power chao I got from the black market. She's just monotone orange, nothing special, but I'm hoping to make a twotone from her.

Uni, named after the Sparklecare character. (If you haven't read Sparklecare what are you doing READ IT NOW) I made him a Hero/Fly type because Uni Cornelius has wings and is really nice, and also because of... Well... The. Eyes. Yeah-

Also, he hates Rouge. I don't know why, but honestly? Don't blame him. He likes talking to Aradia.

This one is Luna, another one I modified with FCE to get the Moon texture. Everything else I left the same except for one time I messed with its stats to make a, uhh... "humorous" video and then set to random numbers afterwards cause I forgot what they were. She's friends with Uni and sings a lot.

Nappy is one of the few chao I didn't touch with FCE at all. They sleep a lot and also eat quite a bit too. Right now, they have the highest stats out of anyone. They love running up to everyone for hugs and pets.

this is the batter in chao form. I've trapped him in a tiny, harmless body as punishment for his crimes. Though he craves bloodshed, he can do no harm with his squishy, stubby arms. Purify someone who's three times your size you dense fuck.

Lucas from mother 3 real!! He's the 2nd youngest besides burn and also my only neutral chao at the moment. He gets along pretty well with everybody.

This is the son of Aradia and Batter. It's a shiny twotone white named Specter. It looks fucking awesome so I'm excusing its horrible lineage

(I drew this)