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Hello!! Below you can find my pricing and any other information on my artwork commissions.

Coloring and Linework

Simply put, the more "done" a drawing is, the more it will likely cost.
A sketch will be $3, lineart with no color will be $5, and a drawing with flat colors will be $10. Flat shading is an additional $5 and "full" shading is an additional $10 (price does not stack with flat shading since I normally do a layer of each anyway)
If you want the drawing to be lineless, it will cost you an additional $10, unless it's flat color, in which case it's $3 extra instead.


Transparent or single-color backgrounds are free! If you want a little design as a background, that's a dollar extra, though an actual rendered background scene could range from $5-$15 more depending on complexity.

Amount Of Characters

Any additional characters added to the piece will cost an additional quarter of the piece's final price, rounded to the nearest cent. This means that if you want to add a second character to a piece, it will cost you 25% more than if it was only one character, 50% more for a third, and so on.

Will/Won't Do

People/humanoids/funny little creature people
Light amounts of gore/blood
NSFW/Fetish artwork
Anything zoophilic, pedophilic or incestuous in nature
Anything far-right in nature
Anything that will be used for an NFT

I have the right to deny and/or refund any request at any time. If I'm uncomfortable with drawing something, please do not push me further, as I get anxious easily. If I do not finish your commission within two months, please reach out!

For examples, check out here or here for my currently active art accounts!
my DeviantArt is inactive as of 2023 and only serves as an archive of past works.
I do not take music commissions as of right now, sorry.
My discord is ren_corvus if you would like to contact me.