i hope he dies

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THIS MOTHERFUCK. ER. he sucks. and i do not like him. why? uh. because

WELL FIRST OF ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

hes dumb. and hes. uh. ugly
like literally incapable of thinking critically
and he killed a really cool bird which subsequently lead to the destruction of disney land 2: frogman edition. but this is only the start of his crimes. for you see he ALSO killed everyone. everyone ever. including his son. AND the girlfriend of one of the like 2 people that was willing to be his friend. why you may ask?
because he's an asshole who thinks his morals are better than anyone else's and he will straight up beat you to death if he thinks you're being a dick, no matter what the consequences are. which is hypocritical considering hes. you know.


also he looks like bro strider from homestuck which is really funny considering how they both mentally and physically traumatize their surrogate children

oh also to one of his only friends he looks like this

I want to slam him into a wall so hard he transitions to the next slide. once i figure out how to make a guestbook i will use it purely so people can put why they also hate him

so yeahg batter is basically the vriska of off. hes bad and evil and """morally grey""" yet for some reason people on tumblr want to kiss him for 79 years. i do not understand. how come this mf gets bitches and i d