Stupid Characters I Connect To On Some Level

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Drawing by me in ms paint
This is Ninten from the game Earthbound Beginnings AKA mother 1 and the reasons I relate to him are entirely made the fuck up but he was made to be a blank slate to project onto and project onto him I will dammit.
I am lucas (real) because I have really bad anxiety. and I'm really protective of people around me and also. The Woods
also lucas is really important to me because of a lot of shit that happened during quarantine that I don't really want to get into but basically this game led me to meet a lot of people that pretty much saved my life. on multiple occasions

Drawing by izzypaw on tumblr and DA

Panel of dave strider from homestuck
he tries way too hard to be cool (like me) and he makes music (like me) and he loves the color red and he also hides the things he hates about himself behind irony and jokes. also it took him a really long time to accept that he was queer like. like me
besides that he makes things that are bad on purpose like i do and goes on really long tangents about things and constantly derails conversations. fortunately i do not relate to the childhood abuse part. everything else though (Also crow symbolism. I love crows and ravens and magpies and jays and
Uni is so me tbh because I too am a really immature artist who used to have kind of bad "masculinity issues" (but instead of being closeted transfem i am transmasc and trying REALLY REALLY hard to pass) and I am really depressed and gay and uhh also sparkledogs are fucking awesome. i am also stuck in 2012 and i hide a lot of my pain with jokes that really are not that funny. also the fact they hate change even if it's beneficial to them. Yeah

Official art of uni from kittycorn

holy shit is that uzi dhar mann
emo girl (i headcanon them as nb) that has serious abandonment issues as well as a not entirely healthy relationship with her father. and judging by her posters has similar music taste to me. also she's an evil little angry short gremlin and she's really overdramatic. i am all of these things. PLUS THE CONNECTION TO CROWS/RAVENS!! i love corvids so much. and you're telling me a neurodivergent coded this robot (plus i think N is ummm uhhhh i ummm)
Karkat is me as well because I am a short, angry little manlet that feels responsible for everyone around me and hates not being taken seriously. I swear way more than is probably good for me and go on long rants about dumb shit. I beat myself up constantly if I feel like I wasn't able to "save" someone I'm close to. There are other things but it's been actual years since i last read homestuck so I'm probably forgetting something

icon by myfreddyfazbearshinz on tumblr